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Sep. 16th, 2016

Right, my old one of these is lost somewhere at the cool kids are doing it.

Comments are screened, logging is...probably off? I. Don't really know how to do that. But I won't look if I can look. Really. And I play Buffy mainly and Chase, Hiro, and Peter Parker sometimes.


I got a job, at least temporarily, working from 3 pm to 9:30 pm EST. I haven't really adjusted to my new schedule yet, and I know I haven't been around much anyway, but...yeah! That is happening. Happening stuff.


I am back from the land of no internet, but it's now senior week/graduation, which means that I'm not really that around. So while I AM on IRC and stuff, I doubt I'll play much before next week.

May. 6th, 2008

It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider raping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

I-I was going to not do this because I'm tired and out of it and have threads I need to reply to waiting that I don't have the energy for, but then I was just playing around in everyone else's anyway sooo. Yeah! I'm having fun with these, I will be slow (and out of town and...yeah, lots of stuff), but I'll get to everyone.

I play: Buffy, Chase, Hiro, Spider-Man, Lex, Tiffany, Ryan
I played: Anne, C-3PO, Anya, Hawkeye, George Michael, Kagura Sohma

A thousand days, huh.

Buffy El-Summers (classprotector): 85,194 comments (71.76%), played since 2005-07-14 (1,000 days at 85 comments/day)
Chase Stein (laser_mcawesome): 7,931 comments (6.68%), played since 2005-12-26 (835 days at 9 comments/day)
Hiro Nakamura (saaaaaaave_you): 6,204 comments (5.23%), played since 2006-12-30 (466 days at 13 comments/day)
Peter Parker (me_not_him): 2,537 comments (2.14%), played since 2007-01-28 (437 days at 6 comments/day)
Lex Luthor (thats_terrible): 1,889 comments (1.59%), played since 2007-07-15 (269 days at 7 comments/day)
Tiffany Aching (cheeses_is_my): 243 comments (0.20%), played since 2008-03-01 (39 days at 6 comments/day)
Anne Shirley (anne_with_an_e): 8,476 comments (7.14%), played from 2005-08-04 to 2006-07-19 (350 days at 24 comments/day)
C-3PO (bucket_o_bolts): 820 comments (0.69%), played from 2006-01-29 to 2005-07-06 (-207 days at -4 comments/day)
Anya Emerson (retropastiche): 2,979 comments (2.51%)
Riza Hawkeye (makeroyadullboy): 876 comments (0.74%), played from 2006-07-07 to 2006-09-23 (79 days at 11 comments/day)
George Michael Bluth (poppopinreno): 1,040 comments (0.88%), played from 2006-08-19 to 2007-02-10 (176 days at 6 comments/day)
Sohma Kagura (fatal_boar): 537 comments (0.45%), played from 2007-05-20 to 2007-09-04 (108 days at 5 comments/day)

Total comment count: 118,726 since 2005-07-14 (1000 days at 119 comments/day)
Okay, any time I said in serious polls that Buffy was okay with joking about same sex attraction but just doesn't really see girls like that?

My bad.

Mar. 3rd, 2008


General interaction post! If you ever want to thread with Buffy (or another character I play whose journal name you do not remember), just drop a comment! I always have comment notifications on, and I always loev playing. So feel free! I have been a flakey flake flake lately, but if you were looking for me, look no further.]


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